We are a small family growing organic produce with an amazing new and innovative system called Aquaponics.

All over our website you will have the opportunity to see our amazing idea grow quick and naturally with lots more information on how we make it happen and why our produce are not only organic but ecological and free of any type of chemicals.


Our Beginning

MAGFOODS started with a fight with Lyme Disease and then when all hope seemed lost, a dream grew with a mission. Aquaponics became our passion and we ended up with a happy greenhouse full of growing produce. “Never let destruction define you”


“We want to make a change for the future. The power of growth is in our hands and we choose to share it with our community in a healthy and greener way. We choose to be innovative and empower growth."

— Miner aqua green foods


Our Project

We came up with numerous ways to grow greens, fruits, herbs and veggies in our small garage of a green house. We use nothing but fish water, coconut fiber, vermiculite soil, crushed stone, pebbles and peat moss to grow our produce. There is no soil, nor preservative or growth hormones to be seen, just organic supplements such as algae and UV heating lamps 

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Our Mission

We started growing in our tiny startup garage which we have now outgrown into a full growing, producing green house in order to offer a more constant production of produce. We are also collaborating with schools and volunteers about our farming capacities with our sustainable products in hopes of sharing our ideas for a brighter future. 



less water used than regular gardening 


water used due to evaporation and plant consumption

2 to 3

times faster in growth than regular soil gardening 


Our strawberries have increased in taste, our salads in crisp and our tomatoes in juicy texture. The results has been beyond amazing and continues to impress us with it's ability to grow without the use of soil. 

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Come visit us

We have an open door policy and invite you to come visit our green house with it's futuristic details. We are available everyday of the week including weekends. Give us a shout and stay Green! 

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