Aquaponics vs. Veganism

Is Aquaponics Vegan?

There are many factors that can makes us Vegan to some and not Vegan to others. Here's why:

  • An activist Vegan may argue that Aquaponics is not vegan because an animal is being used in the process, but this is where we can argue that we simply use the dead part of the fish; it's excrements only, to grow our greens and nowhere do we ever use the actual live part of the fish to grow with.

  • We do believe that we provide a safe and naturally controlled environment for the fish to avoid the exploitation of the animal and benefit only from a natural part of the cycle of life in order to provide with a more innovative, ecological and organic way of growing greens. 

  • Our fish are reproducing and even though it has been proven to be almost impossible for fish in captivity to be reproducing without it being in it's natural habitat, we believe to have provided them with an environment that pleases them to the extend of reproducing and without a trace of distress in our care.

  • Our fish are herbivores and not carnivores which increases the benefits of celebrating the natural plant cycle of our produce growth with the help of our fish being fed by a plant based diet which also benefits towards a vegan diet.

  • Aquaponics plays a huge part in conserving water. We recycle up to 90% of our water which is filled continuously with the fish's natural minerals and when filtered through the plants, the plants then provide natural minerals for the fish. Where is the 10% of water you ask? We only loose around 10% of our water through evaporation and natural plant consumption, which is less than any other farming system who are unable to recycle their water at all. 

  • We are 100% pesticide, hormones and chemical free because of the damage it could cause to our fish and system itself, even if we tried to incorporate the dangers of these chemicals, we would be unable to provide a clean and natural environment for our fish which would then cause them to become sick or even die and our greens would never flourish to it's full potential. 

  • We have to add that most green gardens are grown with the use of water that has either touched with air pollution or chemicals somehow, earth has been fertilized with some kind of animal excrement or with algae which has been grown with some kind of herbivore or carnivore fish; and so we have to mention that being 100% vegan would mean excessive research on not the only the plant growth system itself but deeper into the water's and earth's contamination which would definitely lack the absolute certainty that the greens are idealistically to a Vegan's standard of perfection.

We do believe that we provide a sustainable environment for our community, ecological, safe, clean and organic but however we do benefit at some degree from the use of our fish heroes who help us grow greener and cleaner greens for our consumers, therefore we do not apologize for our beliefs that we can provide for a vegan diet but however based on further research, the argument will always be debated through a Vegans perspective as to how intensive their beliefs are towards using fish as a type of exploitation or simply as a natural process. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our intensive research on Aquaponics vs. Veganism. We hope this will help clear up a few grey areas in your search for the perfect answer. 

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