Frequently asked question

what is aquaponics - aquaculture?

  • Aquaponics/Aquaculture is a new innovative way to garden using only water and fish's natural supplement. With a controlled environment, our produce stay clean, organic and bacteria free.


How does aquaponics gardening use less water than earth gardening when it's based on water growth only?

  • Aquaponic gardening use 90% less water because the water is recycled. The rest of the 10% is separated between plant consumption and natural evaporation.


what does the produce grow inside or with?

  • The produce grows inside recycled cups with Vermiculite Soil and Coconut Fibers. Vermiculite Soil enhances aeration, drainage and reacts naturally in producing more minerals and Coconut Fibers has a more natural PH level and holds more moisture than earth soil. They are both more effective ecologically and organically.