Frédérick Miner

FOUNDER and ceo

"My grandmother would garden every day and while I would visit her as a boy she would show me all her tricks to make the most beautiful garden - her veggies were always the prettiest and obviously the ones with the most taste. She gave me this passion where I just can't imagine my life without greens."

Guylaine Miner

VP of operations

"My husband made me fall in love all over again with his passion. Gardening became part of our daily life and we've made this incredible relaxing routine where we take our chickens out of the coop, feed the fish and water the plants - my favorite part of the weekend is cleaning up after our garden in the hot summer sun." 

Kassandra Miner

VP of social media and marketing

"I red a book that made me see eating right in a totally different light. My dad and I could talk for hours about the natural benefits greens can do for our bodies and how empowering they make us feel. I've combined my passion for marketing with my love for organics and I just want it to be a part of my life everyday for the rest of my life"

Catherine Ménard


"I love learning new things, I wanted to learn all about my dad's passion and I wanted to be a part of it as much as I could. It's inspiring to see the greens grow without the use of earth and I love seeing it grow bigger and bigger everyday and know that I could be a part of it's growth"