The Facts


Breakdown of Aquaponics.


Fish waste creates organic food for the plants and the plants naturally filter the water for the fish. An environment in a box; the farmer acts as mother nature. WE simply offer the right temperature and lighting. 



less water use than regular gardening.


water used due to evaporation and plant consumption

2 to 3

times faster in growth than regular gardening 


We also sell our fish water filled with nutriments and minerals to help raise your plants and herbs from zero to plentiful! (You can thank us later) or share pictures with us of your bountiful crop on social media #magfoods 

We replace the missing water with tested natural source water from our environment. 


Aquaponics Cycle.


  • Fish produce waste

  • Waste produce microbes and worms

  • Microbes and worms convert waste to fertilize plants

  • Plants fertilize water that returns to fish


Aquaponics is free from weeds and fertilization!!


We also believe that eating free of over 60 different type of pesticides, GMO's, carcinogens and neurotoxins should NOT come with such a high price - we want to offer healthy for a reasonable price!




Aquaponics is organic, eco-friendly and extra GREEN! 

We do not use soil. Just water and fish.